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The Centro Storico is in the upper section of the town. This lies uphill from the main Bus Station (cross the road and find a steep set of steps, or take the narrow road that leads upwards).

Here is the ornate 11th century Cathedral of  San Pietro e San Cesareo, which was built on the site of, and incorporated into, the ruins of the Roman temple of Rome and Augustus. The elegant tall Gothic / Romanesque  bell-tower shows evidence of Sicilian workmanship and is made of intricate brickwork with small columns and pointed arches, and decorated with brightly coloured discs of majolica.

Steps lead up to the portico, supported by Roman columns resting on carved lions, which has a frieze of intricate mosaic work created by 12th century Sicilian / Norman craftsmen.

Inside the cathedral there are many items of interest including a splendid inlaid mosaic floor of the “Cosmati “style.

The interior has three naves with “recycled” Roman columns.  The pulpit is decorated in “Cosmati” mosaic work in a Moorish geometric style, and is supported by four ancient columns resting on carved animals.  Nearby there is “barley twist” Paschal candlestick of 1245 which is also decorated with mosaics.

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